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Warm Room

A Welcoming Space

Hellesdon Parish Council, in collaboration with dedicated staff and councillors diligently transformed the Spraggins Room which had recently been refurbished into a welcoming haven known as the ‘warm room.’

The ‘warm room’ is an initiative designed to provide solace and respite for individuals in the community who find themselves grappling with the burden of heating expenses during the colder months. In their endeavor to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, the council has furnished the space with plush sofas, an assortment of board games, and an array of books and magazines to cater to various preferences.

Recognising the importance of a television in enhancing the homely ambiance of the retreat, Norwich Airport  stepped forward with a thoughtful donation. The new television will undoubtedly serve as a focal point, allowing visitors to enjoy moments of relaxation and camaraderie in a familiar living room setting.

This collaborative effort between the Hellesdon Parish Council and Norwich Airport exemplifies the power of community solidarity and highlights the commitment to ensuring the well-being of all residents, particularly those facing hardships. The ‘warm room’ stands as a testament to the warmth that can be generated when communities come together to support one another during challenging times.

Warm Room, a comfortable space
Warm Room
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