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Norfolk Community Benefit

What are community benefits?

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Community benefits are the positive impacts experienced by host communities as a result of the development, construction and operation of wind energy projects. They include investments, skills training, jobs and contracts to local companies, as well as community benefit funding or improvements to local infrastructure. As developers of the Norfolk Vanguard & Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farms, we will be introducing a community benefit scheme for the Norfolk region.

What is community funding?

Community benefits also include community funding; when developers provide monetary payments or benefits-in-kind. This form of benefit must be carefully shaped to meet specific community needs and we do this through ongoing dialogue and engagement. We explore needs, identify aims & challenges faced by communities, develop ideas to address these aims, then formulate and agree a plan to take them forward.

Give your view – how to participate in early discussions

Vattenfall’s purpose is to enable fossil-free living in one generation. We recognise that the community benefit dialogue process presents an opportunity to explore climate change themes and we encourage communities to consider how these often transformative payments could help them adapt, address and explore climate change-related opportunities in their area. Community funding must be carefully shaped to meet local interests and needs. Vattenfall does this through talking and listening to you.

This first phase of dialogue begins with an online poll. Share your views and help
kick-start the conversation. Online Poll

How do I find out more about the projects?

For more detailed information and interactive maps for the Norfolk Vanguard & Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farms, please visit the project pages on our website.


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