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Hellesdon Christmas Hamper Appeal 2020

Hellesdon Christmas Hamper Appeal 202

A new venture for Hellesdon Life & Events with the support of the parish council, following the very tough year we have all had.

We would like our wonderful community to come together and help the families with children in Hellesdon who have had a particularly tough time this year whether, through illness, furlough, bereavement, or job losses and we need your help.

We are asking for donations of items for Christmas hampers, items such as toiletry gift packs that children could give to their parents, small gifts & selection boxes for children, boxes of biscuits & chocolates, Christmas treats like mince pies, Yule Logs, and any items that you think a family would like to receive in a hamper for Christmas.

We will need volunteers to have a collection box outside their house for people to donate items and volunteers to help make up the hampers nearer Christmas. Space has been set aside space at the parish council office to store the donations, a collection service for those donations to people’s houses, and a delivery service to the families.

Donations can be dropped off at the parish office between 9.30 am and 3 pm Monday to Friday.

Please nominate families who you think a Christmas hamper from their own community would go a little way to say that Hellesdon is thinking of them and there to support them. 

 Nominations can be emailed to no later than 16th December 2020. Hellesdon Parish Council will receive the nominations of families to ensure confidentiality, impartiality, and GDPR compliance.


 Hampers will be delivered in the week leading up to Christmas day so donations will need to be received by Friday 18th December to give time to make the hampers up.

Collection Points

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