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Temporary Traffic Order on A140 Holt Road/Cromer Road – Junction with C259 Middletons Lane

Norfolk County Council has made a Temporary Traffic Order affecti ng the A140 Holt Road/Cromer Road from its junction with C259 Middletons Lane for a distance of 2700m north from ikts junction with C253 Church Street due to continuing work on the Northern Distributor Road.

The road will be temporarily subject to a 30mph from 24th July 2017 to 30th March 2018 for the duration of the 244 days work.

Martin Dixon at Norfolk County Council is dealing with enquiries on 0344 800 8009.

C259 Middletons Road – A140 Cromer Road – Order

C259 Middletons Road – A140 Cromer Road – Proposal

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