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Phase 3 of the Norwich Golf Club Development Exibition

Persimmon Homes has submitted detailed plans of Phase 3 of their development of the Norwich Golf Club.  The relates to the land adjacent to Hercules Road and Pinewood Close and comprises a proposed 138 dwellings.

These detailed plans now form part of a formal planning application that is being consulted on, the full details can be viewed on Broadland District Council Planning Site 20220391.

As this is a large application for the parish, and as not everyone has access to the internet, Hellesdon Parish Council has agreed to hold a drop-in exhibition to display the plans to enable as many people as possible to see the proposals and encourage comment to Broadland Council as part of the consultation process.  Details of the exhibition are as follows:

Location:      Hellesdon Parish Council Offices, Jubilee Lodge, Woodview Road

Dates and Times:   Thursday 28th April 10am – 3 pm and 4.30pm – 8.30pm

                                 Friday 29th April 10am – 3pm

                                Saturday 30th April 10am – 1pm

Golf Course 2

Golf Course 1

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