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Hellesdon Neighbourhood Plan Referendum – Thursday 16th November 2017

Around Christmas 2015, the Parish Council began the process of preparing a
Neighbourhood Plan for Hellesdon. Just over 18 months later and the process is nearly
complete as a local referendum is being organised that will allow residents to vote on
whether they want the plan to become adopted.

Neighbourhood Plans set out policies on
the development and use of land in a
Parish or neighbourhood area that might
not be covered by the Broadland District
Local Plan. If the Plan is adopted via a
referendum, it will become an important
document for developers to consider if
they want to build in an area and it will
help to shape any future development .

Broadland District Council is organising a local referendum which is due to take place on
Thursday 16th November 2017. If adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will form part of the
District Council’s development plans for the area and will be used in the determination of
planning applications in the Parish. The Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted if more than
half of those who vote in the referendum vote in favour of the Plan. The referendum will
be conducted in a similar fashion to local government elections; those eligible to vote will
receive formal notice in due course and information will be posted around the Parish.
Copies of all relevant documents are available online via the District Council’s website:

Hard copies are also available to view at

• Broadland District Council offices, Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Road, Norwich NR7 0DU
• Hellesdon Library, Wood View Road, Hellesdon, Norwich, NR6 5QB

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